Monday, July 12, 2010

I am slowly...very slowly....completing everything I want for the living room. I bought blinds the other day and put them up. I really wanted the thick dark wood blinds, but every time I go they are all out. (There has been a good sale at Zellers the last few weeks..60% off all blinds. They always have exactly 3 of the dark bamboo ones, so I picked them up. (They were half the price of the wood blinds)

So here is my living room before the blinds 
 (you can see the whole window and all I really wanted was to cover the top of the window up) 
And here it is after the blinds
They are bamboo, so they don't really keep the light out..which is ok with us, thats what the curtains are for! Also we live in the country so it's not like we have people looking in! (I hope not anyway) Anyway, I like them and think it looks way better!

I thought I would also show you what I got yesterday! 3 things! That's it! When does that ever happen!?
2 little creamers (can't you see some flowers in them?)..and a ceramic egg carton I think I am going to keep my jewellry in! The carton was made in France, which is cool. I was very happy with what I got! And of course spending the day with my sister made it even better!


  1. I'm in love with your living room...the colors are perfect. You have done a fantastic job. :)

    Ooh, that ceramic carton is sweet!

  2. Your living room looks so cozy and comfortable! I love it!

  3. you living room looks so peaceful..i ♥ it!

    also...i left "The Versatile Blogger" award for you on my blog.