Monday, July 12, 2010

I've been busy! (A picture post)

I realized I haven't posted in a while! To be honest I have been rather busy! I haven't really had one whole day to just relax! I am not complaing though, I like being busy, hanging out with friends and family...and of course shopping! hahahah So here is what I have been up to:

Fireworks and a bonfire at Mike's parents
Bringing some "love" over to suntan with the girlies....yes heart shaped watermelon! yum

Having fun watching the kitties on their new condo...from "gramma and grampa!" hahahah 
Nelson got a little crazy
Having fun with the beautiful dog that showed up on our porch...she hasn't left! She is not tied up...and is just staying on the property. We have put up flyers and called the pound. We secretly hope no one calls! It just seems so meant to be!
Having a shopping and sleepover date in the city with the girls from work!
Hanging out in the sun at the "beach"
And thrifting with sisterface!!
It has been great so far!! I don't want it to end!

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  1. I'm pleased to be a part of your busy schedule.