Sunday, August 1, 2010

My $6 art

Hey! I haven't posted in a few days because things have been a little busy around here! Last week I worked 3 days, went to the dentist twice (I had a toothache, which had to do with my wisdom teeth), got my car fixed, had a family lunch at grammas and dinner at Mike's parents twice! So, I wasn't really at home much!

Yesterday after I cleaned the house I had the whole day to myself to craft. I made some $6 art for above the tv. I knew I wasn't digging the wreath above the tv. That was only supposed to be there temporarily anyway.
 (it would have cost more but I had all the other supplies from previous projects) I had book marked this idea from Thrifty Decor Chick last summer. I think she was one of the first blogs I found and fell in love with. So, all you need is canvas the size of your art (mine were $2 at the dollarstore), textured wallpaper (Mine was left over from the mantel) and paint.

It is so easy. Staple the wallpaper to the canvas
And then use paint or glaze (I used glaze) and rub it all over the canvas
Next, take a cloth and rub it around in a circular motion. I moved in a counter clockwise direction.
Then I put gold paint all over it, and did the same thing, rubbed it around in a circular motion. And that's it!
I couldn't get a good picture of it because of the gold paint! With the flash it was shiny, and it was too dark without it, but it looks good, I swear! :)

I do however, think it is too light, or gold! What do you think? So I am going to add some dark paint to them! I think they would look really cute framed too, or with a something on them. You could do anything to them, really! Cheap, easy and nice! (my favourite things!!)

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  1. Ashley, I LOVE this idea! I am SO stealing this! Yours looks great! :)

  2. looks great! I like it how it is, it goes well with the chandelier!

  3. Love it! I just borrowed my dads staple gun and I'm in love. I'm looking for things to staple now :)

  4. Awesome. This is a great idea. I think I will try it!

  5. Thanks for linking up to the Mad Skills party!

  6. Wow!! No way, that looks sooo great:) I'm totally trying this!!
    Visiting from
    ps. I have a fun giveaway going on right now, come by and see:)

  7. This is so cute! I love glaze! Love, love, love it! If you want to darken it, you could try watered-down black or brown paint, brushed on and then wiped off with a paper towel or something. You probably know that trick, though! I need to find some of this wallpaper. It's awesome!

  8. OMgoodness, thats so crafty and thrifty!! Love it, you did a wonderful job=))

    Stopping in from power of paint party=)

  9. Great idea :) Another idea might be to paint it a color of your accents in your room. If it's too bright you could always put glaze over the color to tone it down. I think it looks great, but it's very similar to your wall color, so if you want more POP a contrasting accent color (an aqua would be very pretty in your room) would be fun too. You can always paint it again later ;)

  10. I think if you just paint the outside edges black, it would make them pop~but they're really pretty on their own, too.

    Well done!

  11. I really like how they turned out. The do look a little light. They fill up the space nicely.