Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Summer Living Room

Well, I am really late adding summer touches to the living room. I don't want to say it, but there are only 4 more weeks of summer vacation and it is back to work. *sigh* It has been a great summer, I don't want it to end!!
I wanted to really focus on the mantel. I hadn't touched it at all  this summer. Here is a before picture.
Just a little clock! Remember back when I posted about the frames above the mantle here?  I loved that idea! But: a) frames are expensive (well, nice ones anyway and I would need a few) and b) I already put up the two shelves behind the couch for frames, so I thought it would be frame overload! I decided to leave the mirror, and add stuff to it. I layed out the things I wanted on it and took a picture so I remembered!
I knew I wanted it symmetrical. Then I went to town painting the frames. I left the black flower ones of course. And here it is now,

I found free graphics (mostly at the Graphics Fairy) And framed summer things. I have flowers, butterflies, a boat I mounted on burlap, shells and bees. I think it turned out pretty cute. I changed behind the chair too
 And also moved the lamp from the side table over here
 Changed the stuff of the table here
 I think I am going to paint the table black, because the side tables and ottoman are black
 Hung my new art (don't mind the mess on the floor I didn't clean up)
And made new summer floral pillows for the couch using this fabric
 I have painted all the frames for that shelf, and scanned pictures from my family. I am still waiting on some pictures from Mike's family. We are doing old black and white family photos. I think it will look great!

Overall, I do think it feels more summer-ish. And very shortly I will have to change it all again for fall. But we won't think about that now!

I hope you all are having a great long weekend! It's a long weekend here in Canada anyway, I'm not sure about the US!!

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