Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Picture Post, and a cute tray

Hey everyone! I am back to the regular week after a very relaxing day off! It will be a busy rest of the week though. I work 3 days, have a pedicure date, a lunch date and it's Mike's birthday/bbq on Saturday. Also Saturday in the day is Fiddleville and for as long as we lived in town, we went to gramma's for lunch and to watch the parade. I have to clean the house as well sometime in there before everyone comes for dinner. Yikes! I think I can do it though! (I hope so anyway) Here are some random pictures from around the house and a cute little project I did today.
Pretty violets, doing well. The middle plant I bought at a different time, on sale, and saved it.
Our new/lovely old kitchen table. I have to decide on material to cover the seats!
Pretty jars
Shells in a jar in the living room (to add to the summer feel)

I also wanted to try something else. I asked Mike and his cousin Ben to help me with this one. I got them to cut me a piece of log thin enough for a cute tray. This is what they gave me

I loved the cute shape and the knot in it. I took off all the bark on the side, stained it, and gave it a couple coats of varathane sealer, and voila
I love it! I have no idea how it will keep, Ben said the wood might start to split/crack etc. But for now I love it!
Isn't my new cute little mushroom adorable too?! I got that on Saturday. love.

Wish me luck for the week ahead!!!

p.s I am linking this cute tray to the parties listed here
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  1. I just covered my dining chairs. Amazing transformation. I can't wait to see what you pick.


  2. I LOVE what you did with the wood, looks so cute! Such a great idea!

  3. Make a list so you will know you are making headway. Put everything on your list and then have fun crossing it off, plus you will see your progress! Good luck!


  4. I love the wood. I lve decorating with organics. Good job.

  5. I love your table and chairs. Did you stain/paint them...or have they always looked like that?

  6. they have always looked like that,
    passed on from great grandmothers