Thursday, August 5, 2010

A cute flower for my beautiful puppy

I bet you are all thinking, "oh, here she goes again with that silly dog!" I can't help it though. I love her. She is so cute! hahahah I showed you the other flower I made her, here is the newest one. It was very easy and free, because I had all the supplies here.

First decide on the fabric you want to use and fold it. I picked floral (what else is new)
Then, trace 6 circles on the doubled up fabric
cut out your circles and pin them together right sides together so it is easier to sew
Sew them half way around the circle leaving an opening at the bottom big enough to flip right side in.
See how it's a little pouch?!
Sew your 6 little pouches together
decide on a middle. I picked a button, but you could use anything really.
Finally I sewed it to a piece of ribbon so it was easy to put on and take off Sadie's collar.
So pretty!


  1. Is Sadie OK? It isn't to tight around her neck is it?? I am sure she is resting and she will be fine....LOL It is darling. I just watched my grand dog for 3 weeks it is the first time in my whole life I have lived with a dog....I get it! I am in love and miss her sooo much! She moved with my son a 1000 miles away...Oh, I miss my son too!


  2. OMgosh that is really cute=)) Cute puppy too=) Be sure to join us on my blog for Furry Friends Friday to share your pup with us!