Monday, August 9, 2010

Mike's Birthday and Organization time!

Saturday was my sexy boyfriend's 25th birthday. 
He is funny and doesn't want his picture ever shown on here. Silly boy. We had friends and family over for a bbq and bonfire. I made him a birthday banner with scrap material I had and vinyl sticky letters
We had burgers and hotdogs (veggie burger for me of course), smores
 (that were mostly eaten by strangers...hahah girls I had never met who went to town eating everything)
cupcakes (mario mushrooms and question mark boxes)
even fireworks
I made cute candles holders with jars and sand (like I wanted to here )
I didn't put the wire on, but they were still cute! (p.s that's Michael)
and I had daisies from the garden in jars too
It was a great night, and hopefully one Michael will remember forever!

On another note, I needed to work some organization magic. I rip pages out of magazines that are inspirational to me. I bet you all do too. Well, this is what I had.
They were just shoved in there, the cats knocked them out, they were all over the craft room! I decided to do something about it today. I got 4 binders

and organized them into categories. Seasonal (xmas, fall/halloween etc.), rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms etc.), accessories for home (candles, frames, pillows etc.) and Other (table setting, wedding ideas, kid ideas, food ideas etc.) I got some dividers, page protectors and tabs and got to it.
Now I have nice organized binders. They still need work, but all the pages are separated and ready to be put into page protectors.
love it!

and what would be a post without a picture of my handsome Nelson.
love this guy!

I am going to be working on my summer to-do list I posted above, since summer is almost over. *sigh*
I will of course let you know how that goes!!

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  1. wonderful night, one i will surely remember,
    thank you sweetie

    i dont recall sitting at the picnic table that night though..heh