Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello all my blogging friends! I am posting in the middle of the day! Weird right?! They have closed all the schools here at our school board, have closed roads and everything. We got a lot of snow! Not as much as expected but the wind is crazy making huge drifts on the roads and white out conditions!! Anyway, I have a day off. I have to try to get to work on "No Bus Days", but when the schools are closed I get to stay put and stay safe! 

I have cleaned up, hung some curtain rods, worked on my Valentine's Day Mantel (I will be posting pictures soon) and made a list of projects I want to complete. It has been a productive day so far and it isn't even lunch. I was cleaning the craft room and came across things I got thrifting, and at a silent action at school way before Christmas. Guess what my new favourite shape is!? hahahaha. I just realized it as I put everything out to take a picture of.

Apparently Square!!
I picked up the 3 square mirrors thrifting, as well as the small frame. Isn't it cute?!
Originially from Winners. Speaking of Winners I got the huge, heavy square mirror from Winners as well on clearance.

These others things I got at the Silent Auction
This tin hanging thingy for $1
And the square teaset for $2. I also got that gold mirror for $1 (I felt sad for it, there were no bids on it!) hahahah

Get ready for some makeovers!! And also for some Valentine's Day pictures!!

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  1. I love that tea set! So cute and I have never seen anything like it. Hooray for snow days!