Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Day Decor

Today while I was home I finished putting out the Valentine's Day stuff which was perfect because Domestic Fashionista is having a Valentine's Day Link up today!. I went a little crazy this year...a little more over the top then I usually go. Here is what I did last year:
Simple. I loved the jars with the candy in it
(but I am trying to be good and I knew I would eat it if it was there.)
Here is what I did this year:
What do you think?!
For the mantel, I used mini  heart clothes pins to pin heart doilies to a ribbon. I also added pictures of me and my soon to be hubby..because he is my Valentine!
I made a little wreath
and some new art. 
(They are the same candlesticks as last year)
I added heart stickers to the plates on the wall, got the heart vase and the hearts coming out of it from the dollarstore.
I picked up the glitter roses at the dollarstore too. I put my giant hurricane on red plate, and put out the same scrabble frame from last year!
I also made a new pillow. So what do you think?!
 It is very busy for me, and I can't stop looking at it all...but I think I like it!

It should be a wonderful Valentine's Day!!
Now go link up your amazing Valentine's Day Decor and Projects here!!

I will be linking my Valentine's Day decor to the following parties:


  1. Everything looks so adorable, love the scrabble frame! Thanks for visiting, you shoul definitely try out the heart felt rosette! Veronica

  2. I think it looks cute and festive - I love the heart garland!

  3. I love it all!! Super cute and festive! You always do such a great job though, I am not surprised! :)

  4. It's all very cute. I love the red candlesticks. Did you paint those?

  5. I like the new pillow and the scrabble "love you" is sooo cute! Great job! Lots of pretty stuff! I'm here from Domestic Fashionista's party.

  6. Awwww...looks very sweet and cheery. I like the scrabble frame. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

  7. Absolutely adore it all! The scrabble picture is genius!!

  8. So cute! Like my fellow commentors - my fave is definitely the Scrabble pic!

    New follower =)

  9. Lovely blog you have here!