Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flowers Flowers Flowers

There has been some planting and pretty flowers around here lately. I don't think there will be again any time soon though (at least from the garden). Mike has been having a really hard time with his allergies. I guess I will have to stick to store bought flowers from now on! Here's what I have been up to....

Mike's mom picked some beautiful peonies from her garden and gave me some, so I spread them out over the house. I put some in the bathroom
Some in the living room
(that is an old glass light cover I picked up at the thrift store)
And of course some in the kitchen.
I also picked some chicks and hens from outside and planted them in little silver cups.
Then I found a bulb kit from the winter for paper whites ( in my very messy room)
I planted them...I hope it works! 
I planted one in a teacup and the others in a pot.
I will have to show you the outside of the house sometime soon as well, there are lots of pretty flowers in the gardens!!

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