Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where the Moss tree Lives....

Hello! I guess I was a bad blogging friend and never showed you where I ended up putting my moss tree! Well, my Aunt and Uncle are moving and are getting rid of lots of stuff! And I am very lucky that they have offered me some! Their house is full of lovely antiques, I would take everything if I could! :) Anyway, here is the wall in the kitchen before...
 and this is it after...
grogeous right?! I am in love! I am not only excited because it is pretty..hahah...but also because of the extra storage! (Although I can't really complain about that...I have a lot of storage(pantry) and cupboard space here) But it is nice that all the items are together in the kitchen!
See the moss tree on top?
I love having all my glassware together as well. Winegalsses, teapot, my nice cream and sugar set..etc etc!

Thanks so much Uncle Rob and Aunt Liana!!

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