Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I might be crazy....

....Crazy for starting this project...what do you think?

I was going to choose white, but thought it might be too harsh. I went with a metallic silver instead for a softer look. What do you think? Should I keep going?

I am following the tutorial  found HERE, but instead of doing two lines, I only did one. (I do not have a steady hand, so I thought if I just painted in the lines it might be better!)

I wonder how long this will take me...hahaha 
I guess we will see!


  1. That will look absolutely lovely! You should keep going and kudos to you for having so much patience :)

  2. you've done outstanding so far!! I would just hate to see you paint over it within the next few months, with all the painting you've done lately! The lines are PERFECT!!

  3. it looks great! And even if you don't keep going, those two lines look great as it is.


  4. It's gonna look amazing!!! Can't wait to see it finished!

  5. Oh, I think your should keep going! It will look amazing! I just finished an argyle wall for my nephew and although it took a few days it was so worth it to see the look on his face. Have fun!