Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A really easy project....

Do you remember this super cute banner from the shower?
Well, I said I was going to put it in the craft room, which I am...but also decided to put it somewhere else...

I added vinyl stickers to the banner to spell out "LOVE" and put it on our headboard! If you remember the headboard used to have a star on it..
I just stuck the sticker on, and attached it through the trim of the headboard. SUPER EASY!

And what did I do with the star? Here is it.
I put it there because there was already a hole in exactly that spot..and I had a nail upstairs. But now I'm thinking to move it below the chalkboard where the "rise and shine" sign is...and then put that sign on the front of the bedroom door. What do you think? 

Either way, I love my new banner. Thanks Tori! You did most of the work! hahah

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  1. What a great addition! I love how it looks. And it seems so fitting to have it there. :)