Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Wedding Shower

Saturday afternoon my Aunt had a wedding shower for me! It was lovely! There were cute banners, flowers, Ball jars, roses, teacups, cute coloured sandwiches and of course cake! 
It was very hot, but at least it wasn't raining and we could be outside! There were games and lots of pictures taken!
 Here is my Aunt Li, who threw the party! (Look at the super cute banner behind her) Tori made them with fabric and lace and I totally stole them to put them in my craft room! hahahah
Yummy carrot cake
Flowers, candles and jars...those are my wedding flowers by the way...but they will be white and  large.
cute mini roses wrapped in the fabric
And here is what I looked like after I opened all the gifts! The apron says "It's all about me" hahah
And here is my lovely wedding party : my sister (maid of honour), cousin (bridesmaid), me (an awful picture) my friend (bridesmaid)
It was a great day! Thanks so much Aunt Liana! (and Tori and Kayla for helping tooooo)
I  love you guys! oxo

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