Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Bedroom Colour..

Remember back in April when I told you I painted my room a different colour? Well, I never ended up showing you guys! My plan was to re-do the whole room, get all new antique type things and change it up. Then I thought about how silly that was when I am saving for a wedding and everything, so I used what I already had and changed it up just a little. If you remember, my room was all white before.
(which I did like, but really wanted to change it up and thought paint would be the best way to do so)
And now here is the after
What do you think? It might not seem very drastic, but it is for me! My entire house is beige! hahahah. I love the colour, and I love the way it makes the white details pop!! Really the only thing I added was the chalkboard on the wall, and a mirror on the other side of the window.
The boys really like it...hah
One thing I have also realized after all these pictures is that I need some better bedding. I can never get the duvet cover to look right! I don't know if the duvet cover is too big, but it always looks sloppy! So that is my next purchase!


  1. I love it!! It really does make all your accents pop out perfectly!

  2. So what is the actual color? Brand and color?! I love it and am having a hard time deciding on a color. You may have made my decision for me :)


  3. it is called " Cottage " And the number is 6M3-3 E031, from Home Hardware! Hope that helps!!

  4. so pretty! that color makes all the white really stand out and look so pretty!

  5. Oh and here's my fav color combo :) LOVE it!

    Fancy Frugal Life

  6. what a calming/soothing color. perfect for a bedroom!

  7. It's fantastic! It's a great change and I love it!

    As far as the duvet, I had the same problem. My solution was to treat them as separate items. Put the duvet on the bed and then the cover on top of that as if it's a coverlet. It solved the too big/slipping around issue.

  8. Love the black and white.. loving the 2 furry black & white additions in the last images..!
    Ziba Anne