Monday, January 23, 2012

The Closet Room

Hey guys!! How is everyone doing?! Sorry for the lack of blog posts but Mike and I just returned from our honeymoon! It was amazing. We went to Punta Cana and enjoyed every minute of it! I had planned on showing you our closet room before we left, but that week was crazy busy! So, I thought I would show you the room now. And of course, who wouldn't want to see a before picture from when we moved in?  I thought I had a good one, but couldn't find one of the before.....just one from after we primed the walls.

But I can tell you it looked something like this (the whole house did)
Here it is after it was primed. (We had to paint over all the wallpaper in the house because when we tried to take it off, the plaster was falling apart underneath.)
This is what  it looked like for a while after we painted. We were given some hand me down furniture for the room.
And here is the room now after we have accessorized it:
Lets start with my side
I have a dresser and originally installed that shelf above the dresser for all my books. I have since bought a bookshelf that sits in the hall and that is where all my books are now. I have  a bit of a clothes problem. I have that entire dresser full, the shelf above, a rack behind the door, another dresser in the bedroom and 4 Tupperware bins full of clothes!!

I found these cute hooks at the liquidation centre HERE, and attached them to a piece of old barn wood. 
 Those are all the purses I own. Can you see a colour preference?! I have always said I will buy a bright   coloured purse but still have not found one I absolutely love! Mike's Grampa's hats  hang above it (the 2 bottom ones) Mine is above.
You have seen my easy jewellry organization HERE
I found that red ceramic egg carton at the thrift store and love it. It is perfect for all my rings!
And you have seen my headband organizer HERE
 This is what it looks like from behind the door
Some people also say I have a bit of a scarf problem...I don't think that is true...haha
Now let's got o Mike's side. Nice and simple.

Do you like my deer head?! I will tell you all about that soon!
I love the white clothes hamper from sort the whites and darks!
 And that is our closet room. We chose to make it an entire room because there is only one small closet in the bedroom and no outlets in room. This house is pretty big for the 2 of us, so we made an entire closet room! :)

There are obviously still some changes I would like to make:

  1.  sewing some fabric to the bottom of the curtains to make them touch the floor.
  2.  changing the fabric on the headband holder.
  3.  And installing another shelf above the shoe shelf behind the door. (To get my shoes off the dresser)
But for now, I love it and it works just fine for us!!!


  1. LOVE it Ashley, we have a closet room too! Ours is right off the master bedroom and was originally a nursery, we even used it that way when we first moved in. When my 3 year old began using the clothes pole as a swing we moved him in with his brother! I'm just about ready to decorate it.

  2. I love it so net! And using what you had! Btw I love hand me down furniture its the best kind!