Monday, January 9, 2012

Hi guys!! Today is officially my first day back to work since the start of Christmas holidays. It has been a lovely break! I am almost ready to show you our closet, but wanted to add a few things to it first!

First up was something to hold my headbands!! I started with a roll of paper towel from the dollar store and some vintage fabric. I cut 2 circles for the ends, and some fabric for the length of the roll.
 I used scissors and stuck them into the ends of the paper towel rolls, then placed a cut circle on one end and marked where I needed to cut the fabric.
 Then I glued the fabric all the way around the roll.
 Next, I cut fabric to size and glued it all the way around the roll
 voila! A fabric covered roll of paper towel :)
 Then I attached it to the paper towel holder.
 and added all my headbands!
 I'm still unsure as to why I would use such "busy" fabric. I might take it off and re-do it! hahah
 Next I needed something for my flowers and bows. I didn't take pictures of this process because it literally took 5 minutes! I took a piece of cardboard and covered it with fabric. (the fabric i should have used for my headband stand) I took a piece of lace trim and glued it only on the back side (not right across the board)
 I attached the flowers with alligator clips along the sides of the cardboard
 (see my beautiful wedding flower up there?)
 Some of my bows had pinch clips(?)
 So I opened them up and slide the pinch clip behind the lace
 I also have this beautiful hair piece Jaclyn (Mike's sister) made me, but didn't want to put it up because the cats would have that destroyed in 2 minutes!
 Isn't it beautiful?
 So voila, there you have it. 2 simples, inexpensive ways to hold all your accessories
 I definitely have to change the fabric on that roll......
 See my beautiful wedding shoes?!
 I wonder if I will ever wear them again......

I will post sometime this week and show you the rest our closet!!

p.s - Did you know our closet is an entire room? hahahah We have 3 bedrooms in this house and use one for ours, and one for the office...which left the 3rd room. It has no outlets in the entire room so we decided to make it a closet ROOM!

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