Monday, February 20, 2012

Make it Monday : Cute Earrings

A couple weekends ago I made some really cute earrings. They were easy to make, and also cheap. I love cheap! here is what you need:
 A glue gun, fabric, fabric button making kit, earring posts and earring backs, wire cutters.
 I found the button kit at the fabric store for $2.50, and the earring posts and backs at the dollar store.

First, you make the buttons with the fabric of your choice. Then you use your cutters and cut off the back part of the button (that you would attach to something). After I made these I found it easier to take the back part off before you make the buttons. I did it after and ended up pulling the button apart...
 I made different sizes
 I also put lace over some of the plain silver buttons, as well as over fabric covered ones.
 See the tops ones?! I ended up adding something to those! You will see!
 Then, just glue the earring posts on!
 And you are done!
You can make ones to match your outfits! Love this.

I made these for Valentine's Day...the kids loved them!
  It was a fun Sunday afternoon craft! ( I was watching "P.S I Love You"...on tv while I was making them! :)

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