Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Halloween Decor

I was a little sad to take down our "fall" mantel but after I decorated for Halloween it was ok! I searched the blog and realized I have never posted about a Halloween mantel. I don't think I have ever done one. Last year I had some sticks in jars and put some crows on them...but I think that is it! I found this picture from my cellphone:
 I do see cheesecloth maybe I did something but I have no idea!

All the supplies I used for this year's mantel are ALL from the dollar store!!

Here it is:
I bought 3 boas from the dollar store and made a feather wreath just like my sister in law. Her blog post on the wreath is HERE
The crows are from the dollar store too! My dad bought me the two little crows on the sticks last year at Michaels for so much money...these were only 1 and 2 dollars! Do you like the black cheese cloth!? I had white up there before but you could hardly see it!
For the banner I made...I found the tutorial HERE. It is super cute, and super easy too!
The skull under the cloche is from the dollar store as well.
 Here are some branches with crows on them too...I think I should have spray painted them again though, you can hardly see them!
So there is is! Halloween mantel 2012!!



  1. Love it! There is no Halloween here in Cyprus so it's hard to find spooky decor, but I'll try a few of your easy ideas for sure :)

  2. I love your feather wreath!! It looks so good up there! I love mine too. So glam!