Friday, October 12, 2012

OUR NURSERY REVEAL! (lots of pics!)

This nursery transformation has been so much fun. I was lucky enough to have the summer off so I could work on it a lot and have it ready for when the baby is finally here! I started pinning ideas a while before on Pinterest. Soon my folder was full and I had TOO MANY ideas! As soon as I decided on a colour scheme (AQUA, YELLOW, GREEN) and on a theme (OWLS) it all seemed to fall into place!

I thought it would be fun to show the journey of the room! So here is the room when we moved in:

and here was the room after we made it an office:
(There is our old cat, Hazel)
We cleared all the office stuff out and moved it down to my craft room. (Which is working out just fine!)
Here was the room after we wallpapered and painted, as well as painted the floor!
 Anyway, here is the room today through the beautiful screen door Mike made:
And here is the nursery:

What do you think?! There are so many little DIY projects in this room, it makes it feel even more special!
In the corner is the little reading area. I think it is my favourite spot in the whole room!

The rocker, shelves and light are all from Ikea! And the fabric pennant is a DIY project!

That is the pillow Jaclyn made, and my first teddy!

There are some cute owls sitting on the window sill...The one with red I got as a gift, and the turquoise one is another DIY project! (felt handmade owl)
Beside the chair is the little toy box  I made filled with lots of cute toys and Mike's first bear! I also added fabric to the curtains to make them a little longer!

 In the corner to the left is the change table, the art Jaclyn painted and some DIY tissue pom poms

Isn't the owl beautiful!?

I also wanted to show you the little knobs I got at IKEA. I think it just adds another punch of colour to the dresser!

On the right hand wall is the crib!

We found the cutest owl bedding at Babies R US.
The hoops above the bed is another DIY project!
 Here is Shan's beautiful handmade blanket!
 I added a shelf to the little wall by the door but I am still tweaking it! It doesn't look perfect yet! My friend Amanda made the art.

And my friend Brenda bought the baby the cutest owls!

Behind the door I bought three more picture shelves from Ikea. I printed out some free printables and got some that weren't. I added an ultrasound picture, the card Jaclyn painted and some other little toys and blocks. Soon I think I will switch some of the printables out for some baby pictures!

beside that is the cube I got at Zellers.
The pennant is a DIY project, as well as the cute DIY owl art.
 I also updated the  fabric drawers by adding some fabric numbers to them.
The white bear at the top is another one of Mike's bears! The potato head at the bottom was mine!

So that is the tour! What do you think? It is my most favourite room in the house and I can't wait to spend a lot of time in there with our sweet baby! Now we just have to wait! It won't be much longer now!


P.S- There are a few people Mike and I wanted to thank for helping to make this nursery happen! First off I would like to thank my parents for all the hard work they put into the room! (They wallpapered and painted and helped hang anything I needed help with! I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for buying the wallpaper too) I would also like to thank both of our parents for all the furniture! Mike's family for the crib and dresser, and mine for the rocker! (that includes Kayla too!) Thank you to my friend Sharon for all the lovely books and toys (and lots of other baby essentials as well)! It made the room feel more like a real nursery as soon as I put all of that in there, so thank you! Thank you to Jaclyn for the painting and pillow and Shannon for the beautiful blankets. The baby will love them! And thank you to everyone who got this little babe gifts! I am sure you can see a lot of the them in the room. The ones you can't see are in the dresser and cube! This baby is so spoiled with love already it is crazy! I hope I didn't forget anyone! If I did, you can blame it on the pregnancy brain! I really do appreciate everything though!!


  1. This is fantastic!! That lil' babe of yours will feel the love in the special nursery you've created. Happy for you :)

  2. Hi Ashley, I don't actually know you, but I've followed your blog for quite awhile although never commented. I couldn't help but comment today - you did an amazing job transforming that room! It's gorgeous! What a joy to bring your little babe home to sleep and play in there! Congrats!

  3. Thank you so much ladies!! I love to just sit in there and imagine what it will be like...definitely going to change our lives, for the better!

  4. Hi, Ashley. Great job with the nursery. I'm thinking of doing an owl nursery, too. I love the paint color. Can you tell me what color and brand you used? Thanks!