Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year!

Hi everybody!! How has everyone's new year been so far!? Ours over here has been good! Busy, but good! Adalyn is already 10 weeks old and doing so many more things then before! She is now smiling all the time, holding things in her hands and putting them to her mouth, and wanting to sit up all the time! She tries to sit up on her own often when she is laying down and gets very frustrated when she cant! We had to set the highchair up just so she can sit up and look around! 
Adalyn, 9 weeks

It is amazing being a mom....especially since I have an amazing baby. I am not just saying that either. She is amazing. Very content, calm, loves her sleep and is very sweet. She is very strong and stubborn though.....I am a little nervous for when she gets older! hahahhah.

As for projects, I have so many started and just haven't had the time to finish any! I am bad that way. I get so excited about a new project, start it...then it sits around for a while! Some of the projects I have started/want to start include: A felt heart mobile, heart garland, hooded towel, soother clips, updating her embroidery hoops and hanging new art in her room. There are so many awesome free printables out there! Did you notice they are all for her and none are for the house?! hahahh There are a lot of house projects I have to complete too. They just aren't as exciting!

I also have some plans for Valentine's Day decor, as well as getting Adalyn's Valentine's Day basket together. I bought some really cute stuff! I can't wait to take her Valentine's Day photo either!!! Eeeee!

So that is what has been going on over here! I am almost done her embroidery hoops so I will hopefully post that soon!!! Oh! Speaking of her hoops, I was on Pinterest looking for hoop ideas and came across her nursery and hoops! I thought it was so nice that someone pinned them! I clicked the link and it took me to Babble-Being Pregnant! They mentioned it on their site as one of "this weeks nurseries" to see! So cool! I would have never known if I wasn't pinning on Pinterest!!!

I will post those hoops soon!!


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