Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 month favourites!

Our sweet baby is three months old! When did that happen!? she actually turned 3 months old last week but there was a lot going on with all the Valentine's Day stuff so I didn't get to post anything!

Here she is:
*She is laughing and smiling all of the time. She is such a happy baby!
*She loves to try to stick her entire fist in her mouth and loves to sit up whenever possible.
*She is up most of the day, having the odd cat nap here and there..sleeps 9-6 (or longer) every single night!
*She loves to be naked and loves the bath.
*She hates tummy time and being on her tummy, and let's us know!! haha

Here are some of our favourite things we wouldn't be able to live without right now:


1. Soothies....she loves this kind of soother best. I bought her the new 3 month soothies but have not given them a try yet!
 2. The BUMBO! I bought one used and she loves it! She loves to sit so this works really well!
 3. The sleep sheep! This was given to me by my friend Sharon and it is the best thing! Everyone should have one! We still use it every night in her bed!
4. The play mat with music! This was a gift from my friends Judy and Louise and we love it! We use it every single day! She is grabbing all the animals is great!
5. Our high chair! Mom and Dad got it for us for Christmas! Adalyn likes to sit in it in the kitchen and watch us make dinner or do different things
6. The carrot rattle! This is her favourite toy right now! This was from Aunt Tori! I think it was from GAP but I can't find one anywhere online!
7. "That's Not my Bunny"  is her favourite story right now. She loves to feel all the different textures!
8. Bella the Butterfly. It plays music and sounds...AND projects the stars and moon on the ceiling! She loves it and always seems to look for it up on the ceiling! We put it on every single night.
9. The leachco pillow! I still use it to feed her, because she is heavy! She also sits in it a lot! 

So that's it! I still can't believe Adalyn is three months old..the time goes by WAY too fast!


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