Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Outfit!

Remember the outfit that I told you I made for my monkey!? Well here it is!!! My friend Amanda and her baby boy came over and we made some super cute onesies for the babes!
Here is the table and all the supplies!
I used the same freezer paper stencil technique as the Christmas onesies I made!! Here is mine:
I cut a heart out of the paper and used stick on letters in the middle. Then just painted over the letters! I used pink and a red glitter on top!
Here is Amanda's! She cut the tie out of the paper and ironed on little hearts inside and painted over top. She made the suspenders with masking tape and free handed the buckles! So cute! I think they turned out really well!
 And here are our sweet babes in them!!!
You can't get much cuter then that!!!
I had all the supplies already to make these which is awesome!

I also made a skirt for Adalyn out of tulle! I found the tutorial at MAKE IT AND LOVE IT!
She explains it perfectly and it has pictures as well. Here is the finished product and my sweet pea in it!
The tulle was $2.50 a meter so the total skirt cost was $5.00. I already had the elastic from a previous project! Therefore Adalyn's entire Valentine's Day outfit cost $5.00!! I love the price and had fun making it too! I will post Adalyn's Valentine's Day card she sent out to her family and friends soon!

I also put together a little Valentine's Day basket for my favourite monkey!

Here is what is in it!

I bought the doll at Bonnie Togs, the board book from Chapters and the Soothies from Walmart. That is all that I was going to put in her basket but found the Clifford book at Shoppers Drug Mart...as well as the toys..they were on sale for very cheap so I grabbed them too! 

I love buying books! I will probably buy her a new book every holiday for a long time! (and of course write
it in!!!!) It will be fun to read all the seasonal books each year with her!

I also ended up buying her this adorable Valentine's Day beanie from the Etsy Shop HERE
She looks adorable in it!

I think it is going to be an awesome Valentine's Day!


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