Friday, February 8, 2013

Pottery Barn Knock Off....Valentine's Day Edition

I was browsing Pottery Barn Kids and came across this adorable Valentine Day Envelope for the back of a chair.
I added it to my cart...just to see how much it came up to. It was on sale at the time! With taxes, shipping embroidery and everything else it came to $39 something. I definitely thought I would be able to make this for cheaper and I did! Here is what I did!

I got this felt at Fabricland. I got half a meter for $6.00. They didn't have any white so I got pink. It was very easy to make!

I sewed up the sides to make a pocket. I was originally going to cut out the triangle part separately but it was the perfect amount of felt so it is all attached and one piece! I  used my zig zag scissors to make a rough edge. I cut out a heart made of red felt that I had leftover from the heart mobile (that I will show you later!)
I then embroidered around the entire envelope and the heart. I also added the letter "A" and stitched that up as well.
I also added some strips of felt with velcro to attach to the kitchen chairs!

What do you think?! I love it! And even though she might not get a lot of Valentine's Day Cards this year...she will have this for many years to come! I love how it turned out! And $6.00 is WAY cheaper then $39!


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