Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day Decor, 2013

Here are  a few shots from around the house....
The mantel looks a little different this year. The XOXO blocks were brand new in the package...I picked them up after Valentine's Day last year for $5.00. I also had the foam hearts (on the sticks) brand new in the bin as well. I thought that looked super cute! I am going to add Adalyn's picture to the heart garland but I haven't got around to it yet!
The frame with my sweet babe is new, from the dollar store as well...but I think I will leave that one up all year!

I added some jars to this shelf and got all the filler at the dollarstore. They include beads, styrofoam balls and other fillers.
You can't go wrong with a chalkboard!!
The living room looks pretty good right?! Well I removed a lot of stuff to take the picture! Do you want to see what the living room really looks like most of the time?!
This is life with a baby! She has so much stuff and it is ALL OVER THE HOUSE!
Anyway, moving on....hahahhahah
In the kitchen I have the usual placemats and heart garland...
can you spot a little project I am working on and will show you later this week?! I'll give you a's pink!

It is looking very festive around here and I love it!


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