Wednesday, March 13, 2013

4 month Favourites!

Where has the time gone?! How can my baby be four months old already?! She is growing way too fast! I am loving all the changes one month you wouldn't believe the changes! Here is my little monkey:
 Look at the bottom picture! She is sitting! I took her to a mom and baby class earlier this week and we were playing with a big parachute. I looked down and Addy was sitting ALL BY HERSELF! She wasn't leaning on me or anything. I couldn't believe it and was very proud!

4 month stats:

*She is talking talking talking!!! All the time! Some of the noises she makes are crazy!
*She loves her Jumperoo! We haven't really tried the Jolly Jumper yet but we will soon!
*She likes to sit between us at dinner and watch us eat EVERYTHING! She is very curious about food!
*She is now sitting on her own for short periods of time! She just started two days before turning 4 months!
*She is now sleeping in her crib! (still 9-6 or longer)
*She loves mommy and daddy! She has started to play shy a little bit.....

Here are some of our four month favourites we couldn't live without! (We still use all of the three month favourites daily!)


1. Our stroller! We have been going out a lot more so this has come in handy! And I'm sure because the weather is getting nicer we will soon be out all the time walking! I can't wait for spring!
2. Her Lamaze pony she got from my cousin's family! She loves it! It makes real horse noises...she might make out with it a little...hahahahah
3. The Jumperoo! She has been sitting in it for a little bit now but really starting to move it! It is fun to watch!
4. Her sleep bag. We don't have this exact one, but she was coming out of her Velcro swaddle bag every night so we had to get something with a zipper she couldn't get out of!
5. Bibs! Man, she drools a lot! She soaks through a zillion bibs a day! I am glad we have lots of bibs! These teething bibs are awesome (from Carter's)! They don't soak through! They are not the best for spit ups though!
6. The mobile I made! (I will have to show you soon!) If she is upset or crying, you just move the mobile       around and she is mesmerized!

It is amazing to watch her grow and learn! I love being a mama!!!


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