Friday, March 15, 2013

St. Patricks Day Bib!

When my friend Amanda came over we also made the cutest St. Patrick's Day bibs for our babes! We used the freezer paper stencil method...They turned out sooooo cute! I am glad we added the hearts! Amanda found the plain white bibs at Babies R Us!

How cute is this?!
 And how cute are these babes?! Ahhhh
 Sooooo cute!
we made some other cute stuff too...I will show you the rest next week!

 I am kind of sad after Easter there really isn't a holiday for a while...I am loving these photoshoots with the babes! Look at this picture from December!
  Look how little they were! It is great to see them grow up and I love that we have lots of photos of them together! I hope they end up being good friends!


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