Monday, July 15, 2013

8 month Favourites

Ummmmm I have an eight month old! When did that happen!? Seriously! It feels like yesterday she was a tiny, squishy little babe. Not anymore. She is becoming a big girl, with a little personality! I can't believe how fast she is growing!!! 

Here are some 8 month stats:

* She is crawling all over the place and is walking around the coffee table. She will pull herself up on different things and just let go! Her balance is getting much better and her legs are getting stronger! You see her little feet trying to lift off the ground to move but they aren't quite there yet! She has taken one step while standing on her own...but fell right away!!! She is VERY busy! (and a little too brave if you ask me!)
* She still LOVES to eat! She doesn't like the purees as much anymore! I mean she will eat them...but really prefers the finger foods! We have given her different kinds of fresh fruit, cooked veggies, rice and fish! Some chicken too. It is really funny to watch her try to eat the rice!
* I put her in her pillow and let her feed herself her bottle. She has done this for a while but is really good at it now! Although I don't her her do this for every feed...I still like to hold and cuddle her since she won't let me anymore!
* She shakes her head no and has started waving...but hasn't figured out the right time to do either. She just does both randomly hahah.
 * She has a little attitude! When she doesn't get what she wants she lets you know she is unhappy about it...she screams! Apparently she is stubborn like her mommy was!

Here are a few of our favourites right now:


1- Addy is obsessed with this book at the moment. It has lots of different pictures and lots of colour so I'm sure that's why! It was a steal at under $5 at Chapters!
2- Mushies! We discovered these a few weeks ago and she loves them! It's just nice to have another snack option for the little miss! And there is kale and spinach in them!
3- Formula dispenser! We actually have two! One for formula and one for snack...Puffs, Cheerios and Mushies all in one container! We love it!
4- Organic food pouches! We just tried these recently and we love them for when we are on the go! Addy has loved every one so far...and they are so easy just to grab and go!
5- Speaking of the pouches I grabbed some spoons for them too. They aren't these exact ones but these are pretty cool! The ones I have are in a traveling case so they are always in my diaper bag!! So convenient!

I wonder what will be happening at nine months...can't wait to see!!


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