Monday, July 8, 2013

Babies can do crafts too!!

So I think everyone knows by now I love to craft!! I loved when Adalyn got to help me for the Father's Day craft found HERE! I went to PINTEREST to see if I could find any other craft ideas babies can do. I came up with one and found another one I could do for the baby! When Chrissy and Zachary came up I thought we could do both! We started with the baby craft first.

It was so easy. I just added food colouring to water in an ice cube tray and made some pretty ice! I put a piece of card stock in a large freezer bag and added the ice. The babies moved the ice around and as the ice melted it made a pretty piece of art!

Here are the cute babes making some art:

 And here are their masterpieces....The top is Adalyn's, the bottom is Zachary's
 And here is Adalyn's art hanging in her new playroom gallery wall. Along with her other art at the top.
 I can't wait until she is old enough to colour and make pictures!!!
I am soooo very close to getting everything finished in the playroom! I will hopefully be showing you very soon! We love the room, finished or not and spend most of our day in there. I can't wait to show you!

The other craft involved baby onesies and Sharpies!! The tutorial I first saw, I found HERE...but after searching there are lots around! We added the dots with the markers, used the dropper to add the rubbing alcohol and watched the magic happen! :)   

Here we are hard at work!
 And here are the finished onesies!
(Zachary's on the top and Adalyn's on the bottom)
She hasn't worn hers yet but I'm sure she will look cute in it when she does! :)

It was a nice craft and two favourite things!


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