Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Who goes thrift shopping!? Who loves it as much as me? Who ends up buying way too much stuff for their daughter?! Anyone else or is it just me!? lol

I went thrifting a few weeks ago with my sister (in-law)! We had a great day and I ended up getting lots of stuff for Addy! Here is some of the stuff we got!

 cute jean skirt, leggings with gold hearts and camo pants..even though they are fleece Lauren made me get them...for those cold summer nights...(Lauren and I are obsessed with camo at the moment!) I think all of these were $1.99 but I don't quite remember! The jean skirt might have been $2.99!
 Here are some things from Once Upon A Child! The gold shoes and sandals were .75!!! I don't remember the cost of the other things but they were cheap! Everything I bought from there was on sale! (this is why you should blog about it right away instead of weeks later! ahha)

 $2.99 each.
 This was Adalyn's favourite purchase!! $2.99
It's always a gamble whether or not the musical toys work but we had good luck that day!
 The toys that were 50% off were buy one, get one free! So I bought this farm for $5 and got the Little People farm set for free! Great deal or what?!
I am not allowed to buy anymore toys! I haven't really bought that many but she just has so much stuff! Mostly from my friend Sharon which has been amazing! You should see her playroom! She is one lucky girl! I still have some finishing touches on the room before I blog about it! But it will be soon, I hope!!!


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