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This isn't going to be a cool craft or picture post..I am just going to write a little on what I have been thinking about! STUFF! We have so much stuff! How did we accumulate so much? When we moved into this house 6 years ago we had nothing! We only had a few things from our rooms (We were 21 and 22) and now we have SO MUCH! How did this happen?

We have made a plan to de-clutter and organize the entire house! We have bins of stuff in the basement, junk drawers, junk cupboards..STUFF everywhere! It is going to take some time...because there is so much and because we have been enjoying our summer...but it has to be done! We don't need it!

We are planning on trying to sell some of the stuff we have, donating some and throwing out the rest. It will feel amazing when we are done and hopefully our house will be more organized! We are also going to really think about the things we plan to buy before we buy them from now on! I really have to work on this! Maybe even get rid of something when we bring something new to the house!?

You may ask why I am thinking about this now??! Well, I am sick of seeing stuff everywhere and also sick of saying we have no room! We live in a big house! There should be lots of room! Part of the problem is that we have no closets in the house, or a basement that you can store stuff...but we have so much stuff that isn't being used so why not get rid of it!

I will probably be posting as I go along..if I am not too embarrassed by the before pictures! hahah. I will let you know how it goes! We are going to go room by room...and de-clutter our life....I am very excited about it!

The first thing we started to organize were these two cupboards:

(I unfortunately didn't get a before picture! But just picture stuff falling on your head when you opened the cupboard! lol)

These cupboards are above the second sink in our kitchen and have always had lots of junk in them! We would throw everything that didn't have a spot in there! Well, I couldn't handle it anymore! I decided to buy baskets from the dollar store! These baskets were 2 for $1.50 and I went to town giving everything a spot! Here is what it looks like today:

Much better don't you think? The books on the left still need to be organized, so don't mind them! Now everything has a spot! There is a basket for batteries, flashlights, sunscreen, medicine, band aids etc. I am going to attach labels and organize the books! I just thought I would show you what we are going to be up to so you get some sort of an idea!!

I am really not looking forward to De-cluttering the pantry..eeeeee...that is going to be a big job!!

Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted!


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