Monday, July 29, 2013

My new plan..

Hey guys! Hope you all had a great weekend! Recently I have started following a few blogs that focus on baby/child activities! I found them when I was searching for art ideas (babies could do) on PINTEREST! I love how the moms are so interactive and hands on with their children! I would like to become better at this! I would love Adalyn to explore more, get messy more, and experience more sensory activities! Adalyn is really good at exploring but I would like to give her new things to explore...just like at our infant discovery class. Each child got a basket of different objects they could explore.They included toys, household items, fabric scraps etc. They were different colours, textures etc . She loved it! I would like to provide her with a new sensory basket each week, with stuff from around the house!

The one blog I follow, House of Burke, has a different theme each week! I love this idea. All of her activities have to do with that theme! I think I am going to try this as well! Maybe one theme for every two weeks though, because I am fairly busy and work two afternoons a week! She just did a beach week. The activities were adorable! She incorporated sand and shells in a lot of her activities! I think that is going to be my first theme!! I am not trying to copy her with every activity but a few will be the same ;) I am only planning on spending $5-$10 on each theme, if that. I don't think I will spend near $10. I plan to use as much as I can that I already have. I am on a very tight budget!!

I'm not sure if I will post after each day we do an activity or after the week is up. I will have to see how busy we are and how many activities we get done! I hope you follow along with us and enjoy seeing my babe exploring and getting a little messy! I am excited!!


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