Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Week!

Welcome to BEACH WEEK!
We are on day 3 of beach week over here! We've had fun reading, exploring and creating some pretty art. I thought I would show you some of what we have been up to so far. Some were fun and some didn't turn out as planned! hahahah

I searched our book collection for beach themed books and only found two! We read them of course! I might go to the library with the little miss today to see if we can find some more! I also created a basket of beach related items for her to explore! She loved it!

P.S I think it's kind of funny she is wearing long sleeves and pants for beach got pretty cool here the last few days! Mornings and evenings have been chilly!
 Even though she has played with and wore a lot of the items in the basket she still took each one out and studied them! She took them from hand to hand, flipped them over and put them in her mouth!

I included beach toys, a hat, bathing suit, flip flops, shells, etc. 
 can't you just picture her little toys in the sand?

I added some shells to the basket, the biggest ones I had. She had never seen a shell before..she studied the shells for about five minutes! We talked about how they felt and where they came from. Of course she tried putting them in her mouth twice but didn't try again after that.
 For her first basket I thought it went over very well!

We have also attempted some art....

The first one I attempted was art she has done before....putting paint in a bag and letting her push the paint around. That worked out fine. She pushed it around and eventually threw it on the you think I could get one clear photo of her?! Allllll blurry! This is the best I could do:
 After it dried it looked like this:
 I love the gold in there!

Then I cut it into a cute sand castle!
I thought it turned out pretty cute!

The second was my first try at finger paints. Of course I knew they had to be edible, since Adalyn puts everything in her mouth. I made the recipe I found here out of cornstarch, water and a drop each of red and blue colouring. It didn't go over very well...

it started well...then she started trying to eat all of the paint. Like.. lick it off the plate...I finally had to take it away from her and she started screaming!
Look at that unhappy baby!

Here is what our paper plates looked like:
 and here is what I did with them...shells.

I am not as happy with these as I am with the sandcastle...they don't really look like shells....ha

I am planning on putting all of our crafts on our gallery wall! I will show you how the wall looks at the end of the week!

I am hoping our next activity will go a bit more smoothly...I don't know how those ladies make it look so easy! lol

Wish me luck!


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