Thursday, August 8, 2013

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday was Mike's birthday. We tried really hard to make it special! 

He gets up early to go to work so I made him chocolate chip heart shape pancakes the night before when he was in bed. I also cut some strawberries up into little hearts for him to put on top!!

I made him a beer cake. Just like a diaper cake but with beer cans!
And here is my home made card:
I thought it turned out pretty cute!

He opened presents when he got home from both Addy and I and my Mom and Dad..

I also made a cake to take next door! Too much!?!! lol

We went next door to his parents for dinner and dessert. All his sisters and their boyfriends were there! It was a great night! He was spoiled!

Here is Addy's card for Daddy:
Hope you had a great birthday Daddy!! We love you! xoxoxox


p.s- we are still working on beach week over here! The sand I had Mike steal borrow from the "beach" next door got all wet in the rain! We have to let it dry out!

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