Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach Week!

This is officially the third week in our beach week will be the last, I promise!! It was harder then I thought to complete all the activities I had in mind when I am working part time and visiting a lot with friends! One of Adalyn's favourite activities so far has been the cornmeal sensory bin! She has played in it four or five times now, I almost don't want to pack it up!

I bought a bin to have for sensory play at Walmart and we filled it with cornmeal, shells and sand toys. She is still fascinated with shells but does love the feel of the cornmeal as well. She has eaten it once but that was it. I don't think it tastes very good! :)

Here is our beach in a box:

At first she liked the feel of the table cloth. She was moving her legs back and was cute. Then she dug in

She found the shells right away and continued to feel the bumps

 I also placed her in the box. I wasn't sure if she would like it...but she had the same reaction! She didn't freak out like I thought she might!

Our friends Chrissy and Zachary came over last week so of course we played with it!!
 Zachary took a mouthful too...he didn't like it very much either!

Overall this has been an awesome idea! I would do this again in a second!!! I will be posting the rest of the beach theme activities as well as our 9 month favourites this week! Can you believe I will have a nine month old tomorrow?!!! wow!


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