Wednesday, August 14, 2013

9 month Favourites

I know I say every time how crazy fast Adalyn is growing, but it is true! We have a 9 month old! Wow...3 more months and she will be a year old! I can't believe it! Here is our big girl!

Here are some 9 month stats:

* She climbs EVERYTHING! The stairs, on chairs, through tables, etc. She tries to climb onto or into anything. It is crazy! She is crawling so fast and has just started taking steps on her own. I have a video and she has taken about 8 steps in a row on her own. It is amazing to watch. Her balance is amazing. She can stand on her own and clap..and also squat down to pick something up and stand back up. She is pretty strong! I started walking in my 9th I have a feeling she might start to as well....who knows!
* She STILL loves to eat. We have introduced dairy and she loves yogurt! She pretty much loves all food though..except some of the greens. She will eat them cooked but not pureed!
* She feeds herself her bottle at each feed when laying on the pillow. She is such a big girl!
* She still has the attitude. She screams whenever she doesn't get what she is so cute...:|
* She is happy, ticklish, loves to "talk", loves the phone, loves books, her little monkey, mommy and daddy and loves to sleep. She is still having two 1.5 hour naps in the day and is sleeping 8:15pm to 7:30am (or later).

Here are a few of our favourites right now:


1- ball pit balls! I bought 250 of them (well my Dad and I split it) and we filled her pool with them. She loves it! She crawls in a out and lays in it..soooo cute
2 - The take and toss containers, cups and cutlery. I like this because if we leave it somewhere it is not a big deal! Also because Addy doesn't need handles on her sippy cups anymore the cups are great!
3 -  Lil' Crunchies - I just bought these! They are like cheesies for babies! I cut them in half though because I am like that. She lovvvvvvvvvvves them. It is a very mild cheese flavour.
4 - Jack in the box monkey. My friend gave this to her and she loves it. As soon as I turn the handle and the music plays she smiles. It doesn't scare her at all. She just tried to get the monkey out of the box!
5 -  Yogurt. We just started this as well. I tasted it and thought it tasted awful! (I can't do plain yogurt) I had blueberry puree in the freezer so I mixed that in. She loves it!
6 - Her little monkey. My parents got this monkey for her and she loves it. She holds each hand and looks at it in her car seat and talks to it...sooo cute.

Well that's it for the 9th month update. I wonder if she will be walking by 10 months?!! I will let you know!


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