Sunday, October 13, 2013

11 month Favourites

My baby is eleven months old today. I can't believe it. She has started daycare, which has been going very well and has also started to talk a lot more and understand what we are saying! It is amazing to watch her every day! I am very sad I am going to miss so much when I go back to work next month! Here is our peanut:

Getting pictures now are almost impossible because she NEVER STOPS MOVING! Holy moly. She is fast too! Also I would have never thought her 11 month old photo would be outside and she would have no pants on! It has been soooo nice!

Here are some 11 month stats:

* She is a super fast walker and is starting to run as well. It makes me so nervous. She is still climbing everything! Her new thing is climbing onto the plastic chairs we have in the playroom. She tries to sit on everything, also IN everything!
* She is saying a lot more which is exciting! Her new favourite word is "pumpkin"! Yesterday it sounded like she said "what's that" when I brought my egg to the table so I said "egg" and she repeated me! She has known what a puppy says for a while, she says "ruff ruff"...her new one is a cow. She just says mmmmmm. So cute! She also "counts" to five and claps after she "says" five!
* She is understanding a lot more of what we are saying! You can ask her to go get anything and she can go find it most of the time! Book, baby, shoe, Sophie, etc. The night before we went apple picking she was sitting on the bean bag chair and I said "do you want to bring your pumpkin bag tomorrow to put apples in?" and she got up and got it off the hook! I am telling you, she amazes me every day!
* She will now let us read to her! Before now she didn't want to sit that she brings the book and puts it in your face and screams until you read it. She also screams after you are done to read it again.

Here are a few of our favourites right now: 


1- Addy loves this book! I have probably read this book 50 times in the last two weeks.
2 - She loves her pumpkin bag from Old Navy. She carries it around and puts stuff in it too!
3 - I lovelovelove this sweater my mom got her. It is adorable on her..especially with skinny jeans! She has only worn it once though..because it has been pretty warm out still!
4 - Addy loves this penguin my dad got her! She smiles at it. I think it is the big eyes!
5 - She loves these cookies! We like to try all new things to change it up so when I find something new I always buy it. They taste a little bit better then the plain rice cookies!
6 -She loves all the pumpkins right now. The only thing you have to watch is that she does try to eat them like an apple. She gets big chunks out of them too!

I can't believe next month is her 1 year update...and I will be back at work! Things are changing so much around here..I can't believe I will have a toddler soon! What?!!?!?!?!?


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