Monday, October 7, 2013

The playroom: Halloween edition

I just realized I have not shown you the playroom! It is our favourite room in the house and also where we spend most of our time! I will dedicate an entire post to it after Halloween but thought I would show you the Halloween decor we have up so far!

We have our Halloween books out and a cute pumpkin garland up!

 Here is our gallery wall. I have printed off some free printable art to make it really say Halloween!

 Here is another pumpkin garland over the chalkboard

 Here are the lanterns I was telling you about in last weeks post. I would like to get at least two more...but probably more then that!

* Note - On Sunday when I went to Walmart I picked up 4 is how it looks now:
 Much better!!

And here are Adalyn's pumpkin purse and Halloween bag hanging on our clipboards!

I don't know if I will add anymore or not. There really isn't much room for anymore...but if I see something I think will be cute in there I will get it for sure and add it there! I love Halloween! I will be showing you the house decor this week as well so stay tuned!


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