Monday, October 21, 2013

More Halloween Activities!

I have loved celebrating Halloween with Adalyn so far! It is awesome because she is a little bit older now and there are so many activities we can do together! We did another pumpkin activity, this time involving paint. I didn't take a before picture this time! I forgot!!

I took small paper plates and used painters tape to cut out eyes and mouths. I stuck the tape on the plate. Then I put the plate in a big plastic bag. For the first pumpkin I added red and yellow paint and got Adalyn to mix them together.
 For the other pumpkins I made my own orange paint and added it to the bag. We have done this type of craft a couple of times before! I blogged about it HERE with our friends Amanda and Benjamin! (Look at my bald baby!!!) Anyway...She did a good job moving the paint around and then found the tape..then all she wanted to do was rip the tape off. She eventually did get the entire bag off of the tray...
Here are her pumpkins after I took them out of the bag:

Here are her pumpkins all finished..after I removed the tape! Cute, right!?
I put them with our pumpkin lanterns!
I love how they turned out!

We also did another sensory activity! I saw this on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do it. I boiled an entire package of spaghetti and added it to the sensory box! I was so curious to see what she would do with it. She has had spaghetti before but usually it is cut up into little pieces! I added our scary Halloween creepy crawlies! Here are a few pictures:
 Creepy, right?!!

This photo was the first one I took!  Sorry it is blurry but look at her face! 
She wasn't sure what to make of it at first. She started taking it out and putting it on the table cloth. Then she started to take out all the Halloween items.
 Then....started to eat it! By the HANDFUL. I had to take it away. She didn't want to do anything else with it other then eat it! hahahh. It was pretty funny to watch!

The last activity we have had fun with is our giant felt pumpkin!
I got a huge piece of felt at Fabricland and cut it into the shape of a pumpkin. I then cut out face shapes in black felt. We have had fun making silly faces!
Adalyn has had fun with it too. She still doesn't completely understand the concept but likes putting the felt on and taking it off!

 I have a couple more Halloween activities I still want to do! I'm sure we will do them soon! I will also post about how her bedroom turned out as well as our Halloween mantle!! I can't believe October is almost over!!


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