Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Mantle

I still haven't posted about our Halloween decor. I figured I better do it since Halloween is almost over. I still can't believe it. We don't really have that many decorations, but I always like to decorate the mantle in the living room.

Here are a few decorations around the house:
 We have had fun with the holidays buying chair covers for the highchair! Remember our Easter bunny chair cover?! They are all from the dollarstore. This one is actually a costume. I thought it would be cute. I did buy an actual chair cover but she got it a little messy...I threw it in the wash and all the pieces came off. hahah. 

And here is the mantle:
I'm loving the black pumpkins I bought this year!! Fun! I think it looks similar to last years though!

Soon I will be taking these down and putting birthday decorations up! I can't believe my booboo with be one year old! *sigh* I am excited for her party though!


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