Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving!

Yesterday we carved our pumpkins as a family! Usually we carve with Mike's siblings and their boyfriends but things have been a little crazy lately! I'm sure we will continue the tradition next year! Here are some pictures:
She didn't cry when she put her hand in the pumpkin, but she didn't really like it. All she wanted to do was to eat any part of the pumpkin she could!
 It was a fun afternoon! Look how bad my pumpkin turned out! I had a little booboo with the knife so my pumpkin ended up with a gigantic nose! hahahah. We usually use pumpkin carving kits with those little knives..I used a steak knife. Bad choice. hahah. Mike had the good knife! (Obviously) he also carved Addy's little pumpkin! Super cute!

I also thought I should show you Adalyn's Halloween basket. I have had fun making little baskets for her for each holiday! Here are her Valentine's Day and Easter baskets! It is getting easier to put stuff in the baskets because she is getting so big and pretty much eating everything now!

Here is her basket:

In the basket we have a Halloween book (I have included a book in every basket! I lovelovelove books!), a pack of Goldfish, some socks, a ghost puppet, some hair clips and a new pair of slippers. They are pink cats and are super cute. She had a pair of these already but I lost one of them!  Cute basket, right?!

I have loved every single minute of the month of October. It has been lots of fun doing crafts and dressing the babe up. I can't wait for CHRISTMAS! I will be working so I won't have as much time to do all this fun stuff...but we will find some time, I'm sure! I can't wait!


P.S This is my last week off before I return to work!!

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