Monday, November 11, 2013

Adalyn's First Birthday Party

Did you notice I haven't posted all week!? I have returned to work and we are trying to figure out a routine around here. It has been hard, Adalyn and I are both exhausted! We are hoping to have a bit better week this week! Not last weekend but the weekend before we had Adalyn's birthday party! It was a great day, lots of Addy's friends were here and she got lots of lovely presents! I thought I would share a few pictures!

Here is how we deorated the kitchen:

Our colours were pink and gold and we had a cupcake theme!
 The sweet table was a big hit!
 I made eight kinds of cupcakes: peanut butter, oreo, chocolate mint, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, snickers and maple bacon. Yes bacon...with real bacon in it and on top! There were only two left of those ones!

 We decorated the cupboards with cupcake cutouts. I made an awful punch (it was wayyyyyyyy too sweet) and had cute pink and gold paper straws with mason jars.

I made a cute chalkboard print using chalk markers instead of chalk.
And I decorated the mantle but didn't get a picture! Here is Addy's Aunt Shan sitting in front of it. I printed out her monthly photos, made a 3D card stock name and glittered it, and glittered mason jars to hold hot pink flowers. Cute right?

Here is my little princess wearing the adorable crown  my mom and dad bought her. I made the highchair felt ONE banner and gold paper banner.
Here she is with my husband and I
(Do you see her head garland on the wall to the left? I made that. I used different head shots from her first year)
And here she is diving into her cake
Aunt Jaclyn gets photo credit for this one!

It was a great day and I am so happy to have photos to show Adalyn when she is a little bit older!!!
I have other things I want to show you this week but we will have to see how the week goes! lol


P.S Our little miss will be one year old on Wednesday! Where does the time go!?

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