Monday, November 25, 2013

Adalyn's New White Room

Adalyn's room has been done for a while but I haven't posted about it! I thought I should post before I show you the Christmas version! hahaha. If you don't remember, here is what her nursery looked like before:

 Then I decided to paint it white and here it is now:
Completely different, right?!  I lovelovelove it! My mom and dad actually tried to convince me to keep it white when we wallpapered it last year but I was set on aqua at the time. It is funny how I really wanted white this time!!

I wanted to get some black triangle wall vinyl but it was kind of pricey. I thought of many different options until I decided on this. This wall cost a total of $5 and I love the impact it makes!
It is actually a black gift bag. Well, three. And 1.5 packs of sticky tack. That is all! What do you think?

I moved my book shelves...

We stacked two cubes and I love how it looks!
 Love my build a banner and the cute art from Printable Wisdom
My new fave affordable digital print store.

This shelf needs more colour!!
  We left the shelves behind the door. I added the ADALYN letters I made from her party!

Well what do you think? I love it. I love the triangle wall! It is my favourite part of the room. I especially love that is can come off when I want it to! And it was super cheap!!! Don't worry! I won't change her room anymore...until she gets a big girl bed at least! hahahah

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