Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Month Favourites

I am a little late with this but.....My sweet little baby is ONE YEAR OLD! How did this happen!? This was literally the fastest year ever. It has been an amazing journey watching my sweet babe grow and learn!! Here are her other monthly photos:

 And here are her 12 month photos
(These have been the hardest ones to take yet!)

For her birthday I put balloons in her crib and took a few pictures:
I also made her pancakes for breakfast (her favourite), dressed her in her "I AM ONE" Old Navy shirt, had my parents over for Chinese food, opened more presents and had some cake! It was a great day!
 Here are some 12 month stats:

*She was 20.7lbs and 31.8 inches at her one year checkup. She is wearing size 4 shoes and has 8 teeth!
*She loves the climber we bought her, climbing onto the stool Aunt Chrissy got her, climbing onto the couch with her kittie stool and the coffee table. She is a little monkey!
*She can tell you what a dog, cow, cat, fish and owl say if you ask her! She blabbers a lot more now. I wish I knew what she was saying or trying to say. I love to listen to her!
*She is obsessed with puppies!
*She loves to eat and eats all day long. She still has 5 bottles a day, as well as all of her food. We just switched her to homo milk
*She is still sleeping 11 to 12 hours a night. We have been so lucky!
*She waves bye bye, says "bye" and blows kisses. She says "bye bye Daddy" when Daddy leaves the room. Also her kisses have become open mouth with her tongue out. hahah. Nice and wet!
*She has a new obsession with Daddy. Wants Daddy to feed her, play with her and cries when he leaves!

Here are some of our 12 month Favourites:

12 Month Favourites!

1 MumMum Snax - Apple Cinnamon- I bought these thinking they were for babies. They are meant for school aged children but Addy and I love them! Yum!
2 Step 2 Woodland Climber - This was Adalyn's birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy. She loves it.
3 Cook and Grow Kitchen by Little Tykes- This was a gift from Mike's family. She loves it as well!
4 Leap Frog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket- She hasn't put this down since she got it at her party.
5 Dog - Matthew Van Fleet- She loves this book from my sister. It has touch and feel dogs and tabs to pull
6 Leap Frog my Puppy Pal Violet- She also loves her pal Violet and gives it kisses
7 Purple cupcake bean bag chair- Addy got this from my Mom and Dad. She loves to read in it!

This by far has been my favourite stage. I love watching her play and talk. I'm sure I will change my mind when she is a bit older and doing a few more things but for now, I am loving every minute of it!!


P.S - I won't be doing monthly updates from here on out. I will update every 2 or 3 months now! Hope you have enjoyed following Adalyn's first year!

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