Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our New Advent Calendar

I have thought about having an advent calendar for a while now. We have never had one and I thought it would be fun to make one up now. I knew I wanted it to be an activity advent calendar and not a treat advent calendar, but that is all I knew. I thought about many things but couldn't make my mind up. Before I knew it, it was December 1st. I literally made this December 1st! Is it what I wanted? Not exactly...but it will do. Here it is:

I used paper bags to make folded rectangles to hang on the twine. I used my circle punch to make circles (out of red and green paper), attached them to the paper bag with double sided tape and I drew the numbers on with a sharpie. I then draped the folded paper over the twine and used a mini clothes pin to attach them.

I wrote different activities/tasks on each paper. That was kind of hard. Mostly because I work and we are all very tired when we come home and don't want to do too much. The weekend activities were easy. It was the activities during the week that were tricky!

Some of my activities included: take a picture with Santa, decorate your room for Christmas, do a Christmas craft, make a gingerbread house, get a hot chocolate and go see the lights in town, go sledding etc.

I now have a year to think about what I want to do next year..when Adalyn will be a little bit older and understand it a little more...this works for now though!!


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