Monday, December 9, 2013

Some Christmas Crafts...

This weekend even though my babe wasn't feeling her best we did some Christmas crafts! We have done similar crafts before so Adalyn knows what to do! I should also mention we played Christmas music while we made them! We were definitely in the holiday spirit!

The first crafts we did were with contact paper. I got some foam stickers at the dollar store and taped the contact paper (sticky side up) onto the highchair tray. I let her stick the foam shapes on the paper. She did a few and then all she wanted to do was take the masking tape off. 

After I stuck another piece of contact paper on top of it I cut it into a rectangle and hung it on our gallery wall in the playroom. This wasn't my favourite type of contact paper. It wasn't as clear. I wish I remembered which dollar store I got it I don't get it again! Here is her finished art:

We made another contact paper craft but this time I taped it to the floor. I used packing tape and Adalyn couldn't get it off! I think I will use it from now on! It was a little harder to see where to stick the pieces of paper but Adalyn figured it out!!  I cut small green squares out of 3 different sheets of green paper and she stuck them on!
After I stuck the other piece on top I cut it into the shape of a tree, added a paper stem and a foam star to the top. I also added it to the gallery wall. Here is the finished product:
 And here is the gallery wall:

Here is my favourite corner in the house... in Adalyn's playroom. I am in love with everything there. It is so festive! Don't you love the felt tree I got at Target?

We also made some cute snowflake art. I saw this at school in the kindergarten class and loved it right away. My friend Sharon is the teacher and gave me the paper they used! You can see through it. I am so glad she did! Thanks Sharon!!

First I taped out the picture of a snowflake with painters tape. I ran out of tape by the fourth one so ended up just making her initial.

Then I got Addy to paint them (using the freezer baggie method I have used before) She moves the paint around in the bag. She actually only did two. I did the other two. 

They turned out really neat!

I took the tape off when they dried and saw some of the paint went under the tape. The paper is a really neat texture and you can actually wipe the paint off  with water and a cloth. I cleaned up the edges of the snowflakes.

Then I taped them on the window. I love them! 

I wasn't sure you would be able to see them as well through the blinds but you can. I think they turned out great!

I am surprised Adalyn actually did all of these activities, being sick and all. I have a few more ideas I hope to do before Christmas is over. It is coming up so fast so I hope I can get them all done!!


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