Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Decor 2013

I thought I would post a few photos of my Christmas decor this year! I have changed up the tree colours and added red. Last year my tree colours were brown, green, white and gold. Here are a couple photos:

As much as I loved it I was ready for a change and decided on classic red. I bought a bunch of red ornaments at the end of the season for super cheap so I only had to buy a few new ones this year!

Here is the tree:

I love the mantel as well:

And here is some other decor from around the house:
I love the poinsettias! They were 3 for $9.99 at Sobeys! They are the perfect size!


This is the card holder I got at the end of the year for super cheap!
 This is our favourite Christmas card photo that Jaclyn took for us!
 My favourite ornament!
 Love my new photos I framed that Jaclyn took for us!

I lovelovelove Christmas and all the decorations. I wish I could keep it up all year long! There is something special about the twinkling lights at night. Ugh, I love it. Adalyn loves it just as much!
She says "oooh" points to the tree and loves the Santa ornament I put on! I had to! It is a joke with Mike's family but Addy loves it. She says "hohoho" It is so cute!
Anyway, hope you liked my decor this year! I will post Adalyn's room decor sometime this week!


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