Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Mini Roadtrip!

I had a great time with sister on our mini roadtrip! When we got there we went to our fave (or mine, at least) pub and had some great food! She is going to University there, and I went to college there so it is always nice for me to go back and check out some of my favourite spots!! 
 Here we are making some silly faces!

Then we just hung out, watched a movie and crashed. Saturday we went out for breakfast, and went thrifting!! We got some great stuff. She went to hand out her resumes, and I went to Michael's! Then we went home after that. Of course, we stopped on the way home to go thrifting again. We had a great time. So do you wanna see what I got?!

Cute purse, glass sqauare candle holder to make another cute vase!, A glass light cover that will make a nice candle holder, scarf and a doily.
Some magazines, a cute silver stand for my rings and things,  a homemade candle holder with the year etched in on the bottom, and this glass plate (which I have had my eye on forever at our local thrift store. They had it priced for $8 and I am so cheap I couldn't buy it. I'm glad I didn't because I got it for $2!! Wahoo! I love when that happens!)

We also went to winners and I got these cute shoes
And here's what I got at Michael's
I can't wait to use it all!!
So of course I came home to find some sort of disaster...hahah
Oh Nelson. What am I going to do with you?? I know it couldn't be this cutie causing all the trouble......
What a cute cat in a bag! (I think I've said cute way too much in this post!)
Anyway, it was a great always...with sister!! Back to work tomorrow!! And also the start of the kitchen cupboards!! I can't wait, and will definitely keep you posted!!!


  1. Looks like you had fun, and made some great finds! You and your sis are adorable :)

  2. Very funny! Your cat is precious. I have two kittens, and the same thing happens to me. I'm pretty sure its the reeds, because I had a cute vase that I decorated with high reeds. EVERYDAY it never failed they got them out, chewed on them, and they were all over the downstairs. Needless to say, I gave up and did away with that decoration. hahah