Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outdoor Fall Decorating!

Here is my outdoor decor for the year!

It was very windy when I took these..the corn was blowing all over the place and I ended up with makeup all down my face because my eyes were watering...hahahahha

Mike surprised me one day with the beautiful white pumpkin! I love white pumpkins! He also grabbed some hay and corn stalks for me too!

We got the gourds and orange pumpkins when we went to a local farm a couple weekends ago! Here is a shot of me, looking like I am stealing a pumpkin. hahhahahh I was 31 weeks. I am now 33 weeks!
and here is one of my Sadie girl...posing very nicely despite all the wind!
 I love fall!

I am very excited for Thanksgiving this weekend! It is one of my favourite holidays!!


P.S- I am going to show you guys the nursery next week! There have been a lot of people telling me they want to see it, and it is ALMOST I think I will show you guys next week!!! It is obviously my new favourite room in the house!

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