Monday, January 6, 2014


 I know I am little late posting my resolutions but I still wanted to write them down! I have enjoyed the holidays with friends and family and just started back to work today! Getting to spend two weeks off with my baby was the best present of all! I really do have the best job in that aspect! Anyway, let's getting talking about some resolutions!

Every year I feel my resolutions are pretty similar from the year previous! I do have a new one this year though!! Here they are:

1- I want to exercise more/get in shape/lose some weight. I still haven't quite lost all that baby weight! I am 9lbs away which is definitely do-able but I would like to lose even more. It is just more difficult now that I have a baby! I am not making excuses but by the end of the day I am exhausted! I would like to start working out after the baby goes to sleep! I just need to start!

2- I would like to de-clutter/organize the house. Cupboards, drawers, the pantry...everything! (And keep it clutter free!) I would like to get rid of/sell/donate all the things we no longer need, because we have way too much stuff! I'm even thinking of spreading it out so it doesn't seem so intimidating! (clean out the end cupboard this week, the junk drawer the next week etc.)

3- Mike and I made a resolution together to go on one date a month! We desperately need to do this. When you have a baby you seem to get into a routine and only really focus on the baby..and not each other. I am excited to do this! We went to the movies on Friday night and it was great!

and my last resolution is for Adalyn.

4. I would like to spend more time with Adalyn. I would like to put down the phone/ipad when she is around and really focus on her. Maybe even have no technology at all on Sundays. It is our family day after all! Definitely no phone/ipad after dinner. I would just like to slow down and enjoy every single minute of our baby girl!!

Here she is now...not so much a baby girl anymore. She is getting so big! Her vocabulary is growing very quickly. She is such a smart little girl!!

Maybe I should do a resolution recap post in six months to see if I am sticking to them?! I honestly hope I can say I have stuck to all these resolutions! Wish me luck!


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